IDF finds many in Indian media write without research in how Pakistan works,  and TV especially Republic and Times Now invite Pakistani guests on their shows and belittle them and the word ‘bloody’ has been uttered at each other by ex service media experts, the cue taken from PM  vacate to bloody well POK and stop CPEC which the Army sees as a strategic and economic need to ward India, damn the debt like india did with the Soviet Union in Rupee Rouble trade and Soviet Union evengave us oil from Iraq. We forget.

COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa chairs 206th Corps Commanders Conference. ─ Photo courtesy ISPR

It does not help diplomacy and its  all for TRPs my wife and public,  love to see Pakistani guests get roasted and they love it too and laugh for the stipend they get. Pakistan needs time as USA tires and blunders with bigger debt.

Pakistan is Feudal, It’s Islamists and have Fiyadeen for Jihad willing to die. You can rent a Muslim and but buy a Hindu…Religion is politics too in both nations now so The  Army runs Pakistan like Puppeteers and know how to do it. US Army has been its friend and guide in old days of Afghanistan.

The written Indian  media say Pakistan is a failing and some times failed state. When one sees Pak TV their anchors many women,  come well briefed and with knowledge and guests give frank opinions freely. So Pakistan has many serious problems of economy, governance  and they air it and  Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff and  Finance Minister are out on charges of corruption and Law Minister resigned on tacit nod from the Army.

India is different vive la difference ! Our services are bought for service. PM did not attend Navy Day but was expected at Delhi Golf Club for a wedding as Gujarat rains ruined Rallies so 500 security descended on DGC and barricaded it. In Pakistan army tells PM what to attend and even Gen Musharaff in Dubai stated Gen Raheel Sharif COAS helped him to leave the country. In our case Chief is sacked.

THE  FUTURE INDIAN NAVY –NAVY DIARY 2018 edition fresh  from press on 4th Dec and is  being released by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab Capt Armininder Singh at the Military Literary Festival (MLI) on 8th Dec. Copies are in the market and from Variety Book Depot AVG Bhawan, M3,  Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 011 2341 2567 Rs 200 and Kotah House Souvenir Shop Rs 100 for services.

So it is with pleasure IDF tables extracts of Pakistan Outlook 2018 by Kamal Alam a Pakistani researcher at RUSI London.

“As 2017 draws to a close, Pakistan is far more confident of where it stands than it was a year ago. There has been a slow and steady stabilization effort began by the former Chief of Arm Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif that has now been carried on by the current COAS General Qamar Bajwa. On the domestic front the military has consolidated further gains and continued the trend of building on the clearing operations that were carried out during Operation Zarb e Azb. The Air Force and Navy have taken a more prominent role given the spotlight of the China-Pakistan relationship, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and the submarine deals progress. The Army Chief announced a new operation as is the want of ever new COAS when he comes to office; his is called Operation Radd ul Fasaad. So how does the next year look for Pakistan defence strategy?

Consolidation for the land forces

The Pakistan Army it is now widely recognized turned the tide against the insurgency and won its war on terror i.e. they have successfully targeted those militant groups that were anti-state and launching terrorist attacks against the armed forces and civilians. Upon taking command in November 2016, the current COAS set about consolidating. The last phase of the operations in the Tribal Areas was launched under Khyber 4, pushing militants out of the last pocket. In addition to this the biggest development has been the building of a fence and a computerized mechanism to check border crossings on the Durand Line. This is the first time that Pakistan has carried out a systematic block on the border. This has two objectives: one is to stop cross-border infiltration once and for all, and two: make sure there is a proper visa system in place and people do not just cross borders based on tribes and kinship. A major part of Pakistan’s doctrine has been to push out the militants and throw them into Pakistan. They have made it clear that with the drawdown of NATO forces and the lack of capability in the Afghan National Army (ANA) there has been no anvil to the hammer the Pakistan Army provided on the border. As a result thousands of militants escaped to Afghanistan’s ungoverned spaces and are still a threat to both Afghanistan and Pakistan”.

So it was in this atmosphere when a Maverick President Trump tries to chastise Pakistan to please India his strategic and economic Gold Mine he believes, and   sends Def Sec Gen James Mattis we met in Delhi to Pakistan for a day’s maiden visit  and media raves, “ Mattis says he will not prod Pakistan” but aid is cut and China will try fill the gap to rent Pakistan. That’s the game for next two years after which  it will be Cheriya Chuk Gaye Khet ( the bird has flown). China will dig in like USA dug in to Japan, Korea, Bahrain and Diego Garcia in different circumstances but history repeats. Only India can stop that and may, so PM’s Gujarat elections are critical as there is TINA working for him….no other alternate even in the Cabinet.

It is in that atmosphere the Nine Corps Commanders who run Pakistan met last week  to discuss internal and regional security developments in a Corps Commanders Conference in Rawalpindi chaired by Chief of Army Staff (COAS) Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa.

“The COAS took the forum on board about his military diplomacy through his recent visits abroad and interaction with foreign dignitaries visiting Pakistan,” according to a statement released by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) which have a Miitary Media policy and India’s MOD does not PROs run it and some are good when supervised and not run amuck as media does !

The meeting comes a day after United States (US) Defence Secretary retired Gen James Mattis, in his maiden visit to Pakistan, told the country’s civil and military leadership that Islamabad to do more to  networks operating on its soil.

A day before the Mattis arrived in Islamabad, Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo had warned Pakistan  if it does not eliminate the alleged safe havens inside its territory, the US would do “everything we can” to destroy them.

The army chief was also recently in Saudi Arabia as the first meeting of the Defence ministers of countries involved in the Saudi-led Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC) was held last Sunday. Earlier this month, Gen Bajwa also visited Iran for detailed consultations. The military’s top brass in the meeting paid special attention to the impacts of the situation in Afghanistan on Pakistan as well as the region.

“[The] forum also discussed regional and internal security situation with specific reference to Afghanistan,” said the ISPR handout.The focus on Afghanistan comes days after a terror attack on the Agricultural Training Institute in Peshawar. Initial investigation of the attack revealed the terrorists had been in touch with their handlers in Afghanistan.

Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi was the chief guest during the launch ceremony. —Photo courtesy Pakistan Navy

According to the ISPR, the army decided to continue contributing towards collective efforts seeking to bring durable peace to the region, particularly Afghanistan.

The meeting also reviewed the progress in Operation Raddul Fasaad, enhanced security measures along the Pak-Afghan border and recently initiated ‘Khushal Balochistan’ programme aimed at the stability of the province through socio-economic development.

At the same time Pakistan Navy waits for two years to get two ships F22 CLASS and one submarine and it launches  a 600 tonnes maritime patrol vessel.  built for Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) which catches Indian Fishermen. .

PN claims the vessel is “a state of the art and multi-mission vessel with a steel hull and aluminum super structure,” read a statement issued by the navy’s media wing, adding that “the length of the vessel is 68.5 metres, breadth is 8.7 metres and it can achieve a top speed of 27 knots”.. The launch ceremony was held at Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works (KSEW) built with the technical collaboration of China Shipbuilding and Trading Company (CSTC).

Speaking on the occasion, Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi said the construction of the vessel was “yet another landmark project that speaks volumes of the evergreen friendship between China and Pakistan.”


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