This is an IDF analysis by joining the media dots from India and Pakistan to explain the way Intelligence works in this new age of the internet spy business. As India rises, its Intelligence operatives will have to ripen and pro-actively guide the nation’s policy through storms of social media, talk shows and bytes on TV.

A CAN OF WORMS BETWEEN INDIA AND PAKSITAN OPENED when Indians, media and Parliament were electrified with the death sentence awarded to Ex Cdr Kulbhushan Jadhav after a General Court Martial (FGCM). He was apprehended in early March by Pakistan. Jadhav had worked in NHQ possibly in DNI.

Chinese and Pakistani interests in Gwadar clash with Indian, Iranian and Afghanistan’s interests in Chah-Bahar where Jadhav was legally working with access to the Free Trade Zone. A report stated a Counselor in Indian mission also left Tehran.

Pakistan always attempts to Internationalize India Pakistan issues and ISI furthers that with its dirty tricks department with terror against India. Int agencies have pro active branches, which are tightly controlled by the Political Displacement in denial. CIA, KGB and Israel’s Mossad have even arranged kidnaps and murders now glamourised in media and movies.

COAS Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa confirmed the punishment and ISPR reported Jadhav was a spy working for RAW in Baluchistan. IDF assumes he was running a barge business under name sounding like Kaldidni in Iran, and was captured/abducted by Pakistan Intelligence. Slanted stories are doing the rounds in newspapers and TV in both countries.

Indian Navy formed Information Warfare (IW) under DNO. Today ‘White Lies’ are a part of Intelligence as a ‘Principle of War’. In the Mahabharat war truthful Yudishtra (Pandav) shouted to Dronacharya, “ ASHWATHAMA ADA” ( Kaurava your son is dead) adding softly the elephant (also) ashwathama. Dronacharya did not hear the latter and dropped his weapons and defence, to get killed.

Spying is the oldest profession after prostitution. Spies and innocents are even exchanged as in Kandhahar plane swap, and many times quietly deported especially if a suspected Diplomat with Immunity (Vienna Convention) is caught spying. He/she is asked to leave the country in 24/72 hours as ‘persona non gratia’. Books have names of Indians deported from Pakistan publicized as ISI propaganda.

A Navy Captain was being framed in Islamabad in the 1980s and he fled. Pakistani diplomats have been deported from India too as reciprocate actions, common world over, and every nation tries to save its citizens as story of Sarabajit Singh showed.

The Mission of the national arrested has a right under Vienna Convention Article 36(1)(c) as, ‘Consular officers shall have the right to visit a national of the sending state (i.e. India in this case for Jadhav ) in prison, custody or detention, to converse and correspond with him and to arrange for his legal representation, and in pursuance of a judgment.” This applies to Jadhav.

States do refuse to provide access to nationals specifically accused of espionage, as Pakistan has done. In such case the nation asks for a neutral mission to meet the prisoner to ensure well being and offer legal assistance.


Pakistan Defence Minister Khawaja Asif clarified that ALLEGED Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav’s sentencing was done according to the law and asserted that if India raises the issue of his death statement, Pakistan would give a reply. “Jadhav’s confession was a public document. He came with approval of the Indian government and there is no doubt that India is fuelling terrorism in Pakistan. Those plotting against Pakistan will not be spared.”

ISPR said Jadhav was arrested on March 3, 2016 through an operation in Balochistan’s Mashkel area for his alleged involvement in espionage and sabotage activities and the spy was tried and “confessed before a magistrate and court that he was tasked by Indian spy agency Research and Analysis Wing to plan, coordinate and organise espionage and sabotage activities seeking to destabilise and wage war against Pakistan”.

(IDF adds another report said he was found at Chaman so where was picked he up ( at sea?) and from where…Iran ? Former German Ambassador Gunter Mullack stated at seminar, Jadhav was kidnapped in Iran by Taliban and sold and now doubts his own statement ? A report states Jadhav’s phone was active till few days before he disappeared. UN Sec Gen Guttres who has a dossier has been careful to say Issue should be mutually sorted out. )

The Ministry of External Affairs said that the former Indian naval officer ( 1987 NDA batch-46 ) was arrested by Pakistan for ALLEGEDLY engaging in subversive activities and was possibly and kidnapped from Iran. India denied any possibilities of him being involved in subversive activities as he used to run a business in the Iranian port city of Chabahar.

Jadhav was seen in a video confessing that he was an official of the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India’s external intelligence agency. (ANI) and media reported it was a doctored video.

Another media item reports that an FIR was filed at the Rawat police station in Rawalpindi by son of Lt Col (retd) Mohammed Habib Zahir on 8th April 8, complaining his father has gone missing from Nepal. He was lured by social media to Lumbini near Indian border where Mhaedesis abound, and he seems to have worked for Intelligence.


Gary Powers was Ex US Air Force and joined the CIA’s U-2 program in 1956, and flew espionage missions at altitudes above 70,000 feet (21 km), above Soviet air defenses, state-of-the-art cameras to take photos of military installations. USAF also operated U-2 flights from Charbatia in the 1960s, and USA may have helped at Chakrata in the 1960s, media reported.

On 1ST May , 1960, Powers’ U-2 took off the U.S. Air Station Badaber Peshawar Pakistan and was shot down by an S-75(SA-2) surface-to-air missile over Soviet Union. Fourteen missiles were fired and one hit a MiG-19 and pilot, Sergei Safronov ejected, but died.
Powers parachuted and rid himself of part of his suicide device, (silver $ coin around his neck), hoping to escape and was put in Lubyanka Prison Moscow.

U.S. government issued a statement claiming its “weather plane” had strayed off course after “difficulties with pilot’s oxygen equipment”. Powers made a confession and a public apology for espionage and on 19th aug , 1960 he was convicted by Army generals, Borisoglebsky, Vorobyev, and Zakharov and Gary’s father fielded attorney McAfee, and CIA provided two attorneys in defence. Powers sentence was ten years confinement, not death, and held in Vladamir prison East of Moscow, and got very distracted by his wife Barbara’s drinking and infidelities he learnt of.

On 19th February 1962, Powers was swiftly exchanged, along with US student Frederic Pyor in a publicized ‘spy swap’ at Germany’s Glienke Bridge in divided Berlin with Col Vilayam Fisher known as “Rudolf Abel”, who had been caught by the FBI in USA and tried and jailed for espionage. Powers’ total time in captivity was 1 year, 9 months and 10 days.

Pollard is the only American who has received a life sentence for passing classified information to an ally of the U.S. Israel in the 1980s. He was granted Israeli citizenship in 1995.

Lt Das a Navy Clearance Diver had operated with Mukhti Bahini in 1971 and died in an accident and his body was offered By East Pakistan. India denied. His mother was recently honored by PM Hasina in presence of PM Modi at the Manekshaw Centre, and DAS BLOCK set up at THE Diving School.

“Intelligence in business is called “Biz Int” and Companies make big money with Head Hunters who are well paid. Intelligence for matrimony is called “Background Check”, and “Check on Your Spouse/ Kids” , and so comes “War Intelligence of the Enemy”. This is being played out between India’s Jadhav and Col Md Habib Zahir has entered the scene.

In the case of BIZ INT Indian head of McKinsey Gupta, he joined Goldman Sachs and was an informant for his friend from Sri Lanka and a partner for investments but was caught and punished in USA. In India many books report that every Government has a mole from abroad and so in this era of Cyber and Social media one can get MUCH intelligence from open inputs, facebook and mems in Pen Drives so South Block does not allow pen drives after the War Room Leak which was used to cover up the Scorpene scandal and Lt Cdr K Sankaran is still at large and some one is funding him.

The NSA report on Powers and Lt Das remains classified but the Movie the Bridge of Spies tells the first, and Lt Das’s actions are is briefly threaded from media and Bangla Desh in book Warring Nuclear Nations –India Pakistan ISBN 978-93-5156-638-0.
Welcome to the world of use of Dirty Tricks in Intelligence as MEA spokesman has ruled out any swap talk.