This is an IDF Analysis a few days after IDF felt the need for a Permanent Defence Minister and posted  FM JAITLEY RETURNS –PARRIKAR SAYS BYE TO MOD and tried to explore how critical, demanding and full time both Finance and Defence Ministries are and ask can one person do both jobs dispassionately. Congress did it at times for motives.

Media had reported and Intelligence would have analysed the Pakistan Army Chief Gen Bajwa was visiting units on the LOC. He must have motivated his troops with religious fervor to bleed Indian Army with 1000 cuts and possibly calculated Friend Turkey’s Erdogan was visiting India. On 1st May Pakistan opened massive cover fire on a small BSF border post manned by late Army Naib Subedar Paramjeet Singh (IDF salutes).

A Pak team (BAT?) came across and mutilated Paramjeet’s body and a BSF Constable in the Krishna Ghati sector. “The irony of this situation is that, India does not have a full time Defence Minister and he does not seem serious after all that has happened in the country,” Tewari told ANI.

Army Chief must have briefed PM , Defence Minister Arun Jaitley NSA and others busy with Erdogan who suggested multi lateral action to solve J&K and offered services which were declined. Pak HC Basit was summoned to MEA.

Tewari added, “The government seems to be losing control and it is high time PM realizes the sensitivity of the situation and gets his act together. Soldiers being mutilated on the LOC, news about Kulbhushan Jadhav, Kashmir which is out of control and Sukma attack- there is no retribution or action taken on these matters yet. Does the government have an answer for this?” .

The Indian Army’s statement was, “In an unsoldierly act by the Pak Army, the bodies of two of our soldiers in the patrol were mutilated”. As expected.

Arun Jaitley is BJP’s FM and first RM for few months and a famed lawyer and a fit BJP globetrotting Minister (after surgery), and has handled and propelled economy to great heights. He is a fighter and has sued CM Kejriwal for Rs 10 Cr.

The nation is braying for action on Pakistan’s recent perfidy of mutilating two soldiers on Indian soil. Much responsibility rests on Jaitley and what he advises the Cabinet and decides with inputs from the NSA and Chiefs who now have an aggressive Joint Operational Doctrine analysed on this site.

On 2nd May RM Arun Jaitley attended the Naval Commanders’ Conference with RRM Dr Subhash Bhamre, Defence Secretary and senior MOD functionaries. Complimenting the Navy he referred to the situation on the Western Border and its linkage to the internal security, and urged to be prepared at all times as “Preparedness is the best Deterrent”.

Jaitley acknowledged the crucial requirements of the Navy and assured the Govt. is working positively and will increase the resources to make good the shortfalls soon viz. ship borne Multi Role Helicopters (MRH), conventional Submarines and Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMVs), all issues raised in IDF post, pending since his last tenure.

The lone sober voice IDF heard after, was Indian Army’s Vice Chief Gen Sarath Chand say we will respond at a time of our choosing, and IDF recalled what FM Sam Manekshaw told PM Mrs Gandhi in April 1971 and asked for time when she asked for action. Sam Bahadur took over as a Defacto CDS and RM Jagjivan Ram supported to give Indians the only real victory in war or off shore operation ( OP Pawan) that older Indians have lived through and mourned uniformed souls. Yet, details or Henderson Brooks report and wars, are not available to research but Pakistan should get the message is IDF’s aim. India has a capacity to teach lessons so Pakistan must hark.

BJP and all in uniform, are aware Pakistan Army uses Irregulars/Mujahedeens/ISI and Kashmiri Freedom fighters and separatists, Hizbul Mujahedeen and money to bleed India so posts what happened in the 1965 war when India and Pakistan were not nuclear capable, and in Kargil war (1999). By 1998 both nations were Nuclear capable. Their arsenals have increased and war will be catastrophic but skirmishes across the border.

Pakistan army controls the nation’s anti-India policy and uses Irregulars against India and in Afghanistan like Taliban, Al Qaeda, IS or ISI sponsored terror modules like LET JUD etc. PA has an anti India policy in its Total Defence and ISI works cleverly directs that.

The current situation in the Valley of Kashmir is delicate as in 1965, and so reproduces from the book Warring Nuclear Navies-India and Pakistan in which two chapters discuss all wars India has fought and ex COAS Gen VP Malik explains the Kargil war. But do Indians read wars or respect gallantry more than Bollywood ?

QUOTE. “ In 1965 ceasefire line violations increased. Crossings of borders by civilians was a common problem but accepted feature in some areas, especially on festive occasions or weddings. On 8 August 1965, under guise of celebrating the festival of Pir Dastgir Sahib, hordes of infiltrators and Gibraltar IRREGULAR AND REGULAR forces entered Kashmir and harassed the Indian Army with a just ‘below war’ situation. With disorganisation in J&K, the Defence Secretary requested the Army to take over the state and even declare Martial Law. Army Chief Gen. J. N. Chaudhuri who was in Jalandhar, refrained from taking over. He informed the District Magistrate that the Army had enough on its plate defending the 470 mile border, than to attend to civil duties. It was a decision which militarily saved the future.

By 13 August, clashes escalated to war. Major battles were fought at Haji Pir on 28 August, in Poonch Area on 5/6 September and Kishanganga in the ensuing days, when the IAF responded. A ceasefire came into being and the second India-Pakistan war ended.

It ended in a military stalemate and it was the Soviet Union that helped solve post war issues at Tashkent. India’s PM Lal Bahadur Shastri died of a heart attack there the night he signed the Tashkent Agreement in exchange of territory. He was forced to return the Haji Pir salient to Pakistan in exchange for some of Chaamb Jaurian. The line of control (LOC) in Kashmir came into being from the old cease fire line. Gen Kumaramangalam VCOAS designate was consulted at Tashkent.

The Indian side lost around 2800 officers and men, 8000 were wounded and 1600 were taken as POW’s. At its end, the Indian Army held some 500 sq. miles of area in Kargil, Tithwal, Uri, Lahore, Mirpurkhas and Sialkot. Pakistan held a little more in Akhnoor, Khem Karan and Fazilka. This war was planned by Pakistan to nibble at Indian territory in the South and make another unsuccessful grab for J&K”. UNQUOTE.

History repeats itself in a new forms and is repeating in same areas of infiltration the Army knows but after Kargil Committee, BSF has many posts and comes under Home Ministry so command and control is diffused. RR was to be a special force with separate funding but it is a rotator Army posting.

In the cold on 8th Jan, 2013 Pak army beheaded Lance Naik Hemraj and severed the head of Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh (13 Rajputana). In Aug 2015 forces killed terrorist Anwar Khan in August 2015 in Poonch area a part of 15 member team of Lashkar and Jaish terrorists of the BAT. In February 2000, seven months after the Kargil War, a Pakistani BAT killed seven Indian soldiers in Nowshera in Rajouri district and army discovered the headless body of a soldier, Sepoy Bhausaheb Talekar.

BAT appears to be the secret barbaric arm of Pakistan Army, and the Indian Army has been bearing its brunt of specially instructed terrorists not be caught on the Indian side, as 1st May shows. Pakistan DGMO responded to India’s DGMO on hot line telephone. Pakistan’s Special Services Group (SSG) also forms the BAT aka Gen Musharraf and employs terrorists for Trans-LoC action up to a depth of 1 to 3 kilometres and use technology for navigation and attacks.

The future places a critical burden on the Defence Minister, NSA, the Army Chief, the other Service Chiefs, and the Armed Forces for PM to clear action what ever the Government decides and cyber and Intelligence and world support will also count . Shan No Varuna

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