China Has Dug investments Into India’s Virtual Economy—China Owns Many of Italy’s fashion and other industries and Forayed Into  Belt & Road Initiative and The ‘Hug a Chinese for New Year ’ Gave Italy COVID Worst— China Owns Strategic Piraeus Port and Greece With Bail Outs —China’s PLA ’s Dragon Navy Terrorises Taiwan Vietnam & Indonesia— Philippine’s President Duerte Has Given Up South China Sea UNCLOS Dispute and Broken With USA —China Has Arrested And Quelled Up Rising In Hong Kong —A Cold Virtual War With USA Has Heightened Over Huawei. The World Is Looking Unstable to IDF With Possible Power Shifts.

This is IDF’s 9th COVID analysis how China is taking advantage of the un-abating worldwide pandemic, that is wreaking havoc on lives, and economies. Intelligence indicators very plausibly show the (synthetic) Bat Virus linked by Scientists, spread from Wuhan Laboratory’s Military Virology P4 section. China covered the guilt, as from Wuhan’s Market or US troops. SEE IDF Posting on 12th April for the trail.

Chinese are obsessed by any means to regain its Middle Kingdom pole position, and then to lead the world like Britain led in the 19th, and USA in the 20th Century, recalling Opium addicts with India’s help and the Border given By Mcmahon and Tibet, they repeat, “The 100 years of Humiliation. Never Again 再也不(Zài yě bù)”,

President Trump passed a law that created recognition of Taiwan, angering China. It was Red Flag to Chinese, and the Cold War between China and USA has turned in to a virtual war with Cyber and Covid. China with a head start and secrecy and ruthless actions, claims it has overcome most of Covid and threatens Taiwan by air and sea for One China.  

Chinese think long term. They bought the largest tract of land Pandit Nehru offered in Chanakyapuri for its Listening Post —The Chinese embarked to grow rich and build a strong military and a Cyber firewall. China peeps into the world with technology and FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, MOBILES, TEAM VIEWER, messages and even Visa Applications like from VFS, and now ZOOM ! All nations are going Digital and Virtual with AI ! China led with denying privacy for the nation and made, bought or aped technology and pharma, which is sells back. (PPEs and Testing Kits Today).

India refused to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Chinese do not like to lose face so Chinese thought out of the box to target Pakistan and neighbours and  decided to invest over $ 4 billion in India’s Virtual BRI. Most Apps Indians use have deep Chinese pockets of the Government investments from Alibaba, Tencent and Softbank like in Paytm before PM Modi Demonetised, and into Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, Mobile Phones(75%), Apparel companies, luxury and battery autos (MG Buses Volvo cars Scooters ), computers, spares, batteries and power industries. FOSUM pharma which makes copy Redivisir a possible COVID cure is owned by President Ziang Zemin’s grandson son has a partnership in India, and China has recently made first inroad investment into India’s best private bank HDFC. Others may take a cue, as FDI is the need of the hour.

Italy has accepted BRI and investments from China in a big way. Ferretti yachts is no longer fully owned by the Ferretti family. Its Chinese owned, and its companies invested most in what was Italy’s profitable fashion industry. The Pinco Pallino, Miss Sixty, Sergio Tacchini, Roberta di Camerino and Mariella Burani brands have stakes. Designer Salvatore Ferragamo sold 16% and Caruso sold 35%. The most famous case is Krizia, purchased in 2014 by Shenzhen Marisfrolg Fashion Company, one of the leaders of high-priced, ready-to-wear fashions in Asia and in industry. The Perelli tires Indians use are Chinese, and Mig-29’s tires used by Air Force and Navy made in India are tested in China.

On 2nd March despite preoccupation with COVID-19, 100 Chinese vessels were spotted near the Philippine-occupied Thitu Island in the SCS, and on 20th China launched two new outposts on the Subi and Fiery reefs in the Spratly Islands, claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam. China conducted anti-submarine drills and USA launched live-fire missiles in the Philippine Sea as signs of warning for each other. On 1st April Hanoi accused a Chinese Coast Guard ship of ramming a Vietnamese fishing vessel.

The Chinese PLA Navy recently sailed a Chinese flotilla, consisting of the Liaoning aircraft carrier, two Type 052D guided missile destroyers, two Type 054A guided missile frigates and one Type 901 auxiliary supply ship, into the Miyako Strait, Bashi channel next to Taiwan raising alarms on 10th April and entered the South China Sea passing close to friendly Philippines. Conclusion in next 10th COVID analysis. SHAN NA VARUNA.

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