IDF analysis of the India General Signal No 002 issued by Admiral Karambir Singh as the first shot to reduce what is called Chamchagiri  (Licking in English to please seniors)which has swept in to the Indian Armed Forces and more into the politicians and bureaucracy and India’s police. The steps CNS wants Navy to follow are detailed and clear and can apply to Politicians Bureaucrats and most to India’s Police which in the last 5 years had pandered to power !

From doing away with multiple cars for the CNS during official visits to asking junior officers to be respectful but not subservient, from not lining up women and children for VIP visits to no bouquets as  presentations, Admiral Karambir Singh has issued a raft of instructions to curb ostentatious displays in the force.

The defaulters and corrupt have got away in the past and PM Modi in 2.0 wants to see India changes but he has to put screws on those he commands. Yet it seems Adm Karambir’s signal has had an effect and even Ministers will have come to work at 0930 ! Bit too far but that is India. Be like PM Modi and do what he says and you will be OK ! It was good to see PM drive in a BMW to the Air India plane to take him to SCO meet in Bikshek with no Ministers lining up to see him off as in the past, but his cavalcade had 13 cars……..Would  5 cars with an Ambulance and a following Police Jeep not do ? For ceremonial there can be 13 IDF has commented on 15th August !

Post elections it was a sight to see how in the ‘Hallowed Parliament House’, over 300 Members of Parliament draped Prime Minister Narendra Modi with shawls and presented bouquets of flowers and some bent to touch his feet. Admittedly PM Modi deserves their respect and adulation with a respectful  Namaste or Hand shake with genuine congratulations not expensive flowers and shawls paid for by the Government in most cases. A personal donation to the Prime Ministers fund of a few thousands that the shawls and flowers cost would be a better gesture but India after extensions to trusted bureaucrats shows India can run better in a Presidential style of Government. There is a cry to remove dynasts who were there because of Chamachagiri.

IDF attaches the original signal which has been variously reported  by media as,  ‘Politicians are guarded by a posse of policemen and a cavalcade of cars.” This needs curbing and whenever PM or VIP travels from office to his residence and is late in giving the exact timing traffic is help up. The entourage of PM is long and so is Ministers. CNS Karambir Singh wants no standby car as he has a security car or security guard in the car and four stars show all, who the traveler is.

 The list of instructions, also has a provision to bring about greater equality in the navy: the same standard of drinks, food, cutlery and crockery to be followed for all ranks attending any function. It is no secret that military personnel often get different treatment at functions depending on their ranks. In fact at a function the Steward asked a guest if he was an Admiral when he picked up a cut glass goblet instead of the plain glass, and this needs curbing.

According to the new directive, the use of the third person in addressing senior officers is to be discouraged, their full title is not to be used repeatedly in speeches, and refreshments and meals have to simple and, “devoid of ostentation”.

Junior officers have to be encouraged to be “disciplined and respectful but not subservient”, states the directive issued by the navy chief’s office. It bars women and children from being “lined up” to receive or see off dignitaries. Another important instruction is that bouquets are not to be presented to officers and their spouses during official visits.

The Navy Chief also wants the citing of decorations after the names of officers to be restricted only to formal correspondence and formal functions. “On all other occasions including introductory speeches, only rank and appointment to be used,” the instructions say.

The preamble to the instructions stresses the need for optimal utilisation of manpower and resources. IDF welcomes moves as these steps need to be taken not only by the Navy but as Nation at large.  should have been done long ago. IDF is delighted  it is finally happening now, as IDF principle is to Co-operate, Compromise within limits but never concede on principles !

Former Western Naval Command chief Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (retd) lauded the new instructions. “I had issued a similar diktat when I was heading the Western Naval Command. It’s a great move that will raise the navy’s morale,” he said.

IDF also lauds the Chief for having taken the long needed step. Chamchagiri must stop like PM Modi has attempted in his own way and IDF  hopes the silent power that lies with the RSS also galvanizes official ostentation but let private legal spending continue as it contributes to Consumption Economy the whole world is moving to.

Finally IDF is thrilled the former Chief Economic  Adviser Subramaniam has calculated India’s economy grew much lower the 7% officially claimed. IDF had learnt from stint on Economy at IIM (A)how Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had changed GDP accounting from GOODS AND SERVICES SOLD which is applicable in countries where all goods manufactured are not sold legally to GOODS & SERVICES PRODUCED where economy is flush and goods are legally sold and reported. So FM Jaitley increased India’s GDP by 1% with a wand ! Such things happen but current worry is will the July 2019-20 Defence Budget be at least 2% or more of the GDP as Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman as former Defence Minister knows the Services need  better budgets. Navy the most. Shan No Varuna.

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